Consulting with the Profession

Occupational Therapy Australia's Interest groups and Regional groups and individual Association members are often called upon to share their expertise and to consult upon specific government proposals and issues papers as they arise.

We also request assistance from members to develop position statements and resources which can be accessed widely by members of the Association.

How do I become involved in professional consultation and professional representation activities?

As the Association is approached for consultation, or a member or member group identifies an issues which requires representation, we will either approach a relevant Interest or Regional group directly, or we will call for an Expression of Interest (EOI) for our members to share their expertise. To ensure that you are informed when these opportunities arise, attend Interest or Regional Group meetings and/or ensure that you have checked your area of expertise when joining or renewing your membership.

EOIs are called for in e-bulletins, in state/territory magazines and newsletters or, if very specific, via direct email to members who have indicated their area of expertise in the relevant field.

How do I advise the Association of an issue which I have identified which may be of concern to the profession?

  • Attend the relevant Interest or Regional group meeting to explore the nature of the issue and the impact on the profession. Should the group as a whole deem that the issue warrants further exploration, the group may prepare an issue paper for the Association which outlines the issue, the impact upon the profession and the suggested action required to address this issue.
  • Phone or email the Association if your issue is not relevant to an existing Interest or Regional Group. Divisional Council sub-committees exist to address professional issues - your concern may fall within the terms of reference for one of these groups.
  • If the issue is specific to an individual practitioner, it is the responsibility of the practitioner to address the issue with the relevant stakeholder or agency. The practitioner is welcome to consult with the Association if they require assistance or advice regarding their handling of the issue.