How to Record Great Presentations for Virtual Conferences

With a number of events and conferences moving to virtual and hybrid formats (learn more in our article: What are Virtual and Hybrid Conferences?), more presenters are delivering their topics in pre-recordered videos on their laptops, phones and computers. But, as many of us know from Zoom meetings and Skype calls, the process can result in unflattering light and poor audio quality.

To support presenters to prepare for the upcoming Virtual OT Exchange and other online webinars, OTA has enlisted the help of professional presenter Liv Solomons to share her tips and tricks for recording great presentations.

Liv is the founder of Glow, which equips professionals with tools and techniques to enable individuals to have a seamless, engaging experience when speaking at conferences, running team meetings, and filming videos for social media. “By leaning into our vulnerability and our courage and by expanding our presence incrementally, we not only begin to recognise and lay deeper neural pathways and connectedness to our authentic voice but we may also start to feel comfortable and dare I say it, confident, about sharing it. There's a lot of power in that!” says Liv.

In this engaging video, Liv shares her top tips and insights for OT presenters to deliver their content in the best light—and sound!

Topics + Checklist

Move between and revisit sections as you need them:

  • Audio/sound (0.29)
    • Tech check
    • Environment check
    • Voice check
  • Visual/look (1.54)
    • Tech check
    • Environment check + lighting
    • Self check
  • Connection/nerves (4.47)
    • Connecting to self
    • Connecting to audience
  • Valuable content (7.35)
    • Content strategy
    • Personalised to attendees
    • Storytelling


About the Author
Olivia Solomons is the founder of Glowa business that focuses on improving your video presenting, public speaking and video conferencing skills. Olivia has over 20 years of experience as as actor, presenter, director and producer and she combines her creative profession with her corporate and training background to provide webinars and coaching to individuals and businesses to build these interpersonal skills. Some key themes covered in her sessions focus on; building authenticity, developing presence, clarity in communication, being a kickass video host and managing nerves. 

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