Perth Pain Psychology Network: November Meeting

The Mental Health Professionals Network is holding the second meeting of the Perth Pain Psychology network. It was really valuable to have an OT presence at the first session in September, and this will become an important place for pain health professionals to network. If you can make it along, please register asap here

Katrina Liddiard (OTA WA Pain Interest Group Convenor) is down as a speaker. This came about after the last session from presentations from physio and psychology professionals. They were keen to hear from an OT at the next session, and despite Katrina’s best efforts to explain how broad occupation is, they have scheduled the topic of work. 

Katrina has agreed to speak generally about OT, using work as an example of how we view occupation more broadly. She would dearly appreciate local support, in the form of a case study that directly involves OT pain management input (ideally with a range of elements like pain education, mindfulness, pacing, what hurdles you had to overcome etc), and the positive impact of returning to an occupation like work. 

Do you have a case you’d be willing to share? You could either co-present with Katrina, or if that doesn’t appeal, you’d be welcome to share the case study and Katrina can present it in the context of the rest of the presentation. If you think you may have a suitable case study, or you just want to discuss it further, please email Katrina Liddiard asap at:

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