Update from the Mental Health Forum Committee

When the organising committee of the 2020 OT Mental Health Forum chose the theme ‘Connect to Create Change’ in 2019, we had little idea how timely and applicable this would prove to be in our current circumstances.  

Twelve months on, the ways in which many of us connect with one another to practice, collaborate and learn have changed dramatically. Online meeting software, shared document drives and learning platforms (that once seemed like added extras) have all suddenly become essential tools for daily living. Our ability to connect to support one another and share our new learning has become more important than ever.

It has been incredible to see how quickly we have all adapted as a profession—I’m proud to say I can now mime “your mic is off” on 7 or 8 different platforms! And yet personally I find myself also yearning for moments of normalcy too.

It is therefore with a sense of hope that we have decided to continue planning for a face-to-face forum in 2020. 

The date has been pushed back and the venue has changed (for the first time the forum will be held in Victoria). If we need to move the event online to hold it safely then I am confident we will find innovative ways to do so.

For now, however, it seems important to give occupational therapists working in mental health a date in the diary so we can look forward to coming together and connecting face-to-face—for a change.

Gabby Pitt, on behalf of the 2020 OT Mental Health Forum Committee

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