(January) Amendments to Provider Toolkit Module 4: NDIS Guide to Suitability

The Provider Toolkit Module 4: NDIS Guide to Suitability (the Guide to Suitability) is an important component of the Provider Toolkit available on the NDIS website. Modules 1-7 of the Provider Toolkit contains information providers need to complete their registration and manage it within myPlace.

During the NDIS transition, and until the implementation of a National Quality and Safeguards Framework, the Quality and Safeguards arrangements applicable to NDIS services and supports are specified by each relevant State or Territory. The Guide to Suitability provides guidance to providers on the pre-requisite quality and safeguards requirements necessary to deliver services and supports to participants in different jurisdictions, during transition.

In response to feedback from the sector and jurisdictions, the Guide to Suitability has been reviewed and updated to provide greater clarity in response to some of the common questions that have been raised since 1 July 2016.

Following extensive consultation with the jurisdictions, their advice and revisions have been implemented into the Guide to Suitability. The key updates include:

  • Updated introductory section to increase clarity and readability.
  • Clarification and reformatting of the information relating to professions and qualifications to remove guidance and examples that were being incorrectly interpreted as minimum requirements.
  • Integration of additional feedback from each jurisdiction into their relevant State or Territory section within the Guide, including any clarification requirements which have occurred since 1 July 2015.
  • Updates to reflect different language resulting from system changes post 1 July 2016.
  • A new section within the Guide pertaining to registration for delivering supports in the Northern Territory.

It is anticipated that the updated version of the Guide to Suitability will appear on the NDIS website in the coming fortnight and we will seek to engage with peak bodies in early 2017 to discuss any initial questions.

For more information and to view the Modules, visit the NDIS website here.