National PHN Allied Health Engagement Framework launched

The National Primary Health Network (PHN) Allied Health in Primary Care Engagement Framework (The Framework) has been launched by the National PHN Cooperative.  

The Framework has been developed by the National PHN Cooperative.  The Framework was developed following broad stakeholder engagement through focus groups, roundtable discussions and a survey between March – June 2022. OTA were pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the framework along with other AH Peak Bodies and practitioners.   

The Framework is consistent with Australia's Primary Health Care 10 Year Plan 2022-2032 providing for greater opportunities for Allied Health as a key foundation for reform with broader collaboration between PHNs and Allied Health.  

The Framework has been developed with the intention of strengthening engagement between PHNs and the Allied Health sector, serving as a roadmap for increased and collaborative ways of working. The Framework outlines opportunities for PHNs to play a key role in supporting Allied Health as an essential part of an integrated health system. This is particularly important given the unprecedented health workforce challenges, this Framework offers opportunities to work together to optimise utilisations of the existing workforce.  

The vision for the Framework is for implementation across all 31 PHNs to encourage a consistent approach to working with the Allied Health sector. The Framework provides a description of the intentions behind the development of the Framework, the core recommendations underpinning it, roles of PHNs in supporting Allied Health and six key priority areas.  

The six identified key priority areas for increasing collaboration between PHNs and the Allied Health sector include: 

  • Nationally-led collaboration 

  • Governance and culture 

  • Practice engagement 

  • Data, quality and digital maturity 

  • Workforce and access to allied health care 

The Framework is designed primarily for use by PHNs, with implementation at PHN level to be guided by Allied Health, peak bodies and other stakeholders. It is intended to support an ongoing process of strengthening PHN engagement with Allied Health. 

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