State and Territory 2023-24 Budgets

The Federal Budget  

The 2023-24 Federal Budget was delivered on 9 May 2023 - OTA’s breakdown is available here.

State and Territory Budgets  

As is customary, Australian States and Territories are now introducing their budgets for the same financial year.  

Budgets provide insight into how Governments are allocating taxpayer dollars, what new and existing services and infrastructure are being delivered and how government spending is performing.   

Where can I find out more?  

The table below outlines when each budget is expected and where they can be accessed. We’ll update this table as budgets are delivered.  


When will the budget be delivered? 

Link to the budget when available 

Australian Capital Territory 

27 June 2023

New South Wales 

19 September 2023 

Note: An interim economic update will be published in June 2023 


Northern Territory 

9 May 2023 


13 June 2023 

South Australia 

15 June 2023 



25 May 2023


23 May 2023  

Western Australia 

11 May 2023 


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