How to use the CPD Tracker

The PD Tracker facility allows members the flexibility of having one repository for all CPD history – you will then be able to easily produce a listing of all the pd that you have undertaken in satisfying CPD requirements for various programs and registration requirements.

You still have an obligation to maintain a hard-copy evidence file (or portfolio) of the activities that you record – it is that evidence file (or portfolio) that you will be required to produce for audit.

When your attendance at an Association conducted CPD event has been recorded, your individual member record within the CPD Tracker section is automatically updated. You need take no further action in relation to the recording of these types of events.

You can also use the CPD Tracker to record any CPD activities that you undertake that are not conducted by us – “external” activities. You are responsible for recording any external activities that you want to have “tied” to your member record.

View / download the instructions on how to use the CPD Tracker

To begin to record your CPD, click on Record new CPD from the menu bar on the left