Workforce Development Project

Occupational Therapy Workforce Development Project

We've heard from our members and the OT community about the significant workforce challenges facing our profession.

We are embarking on a Workforce Development Project that will deliver a plan focusing on the ways OTA can support OTs on the ground, both now and into the future.

The Workforce Development Survey is now closed. Thank you to those who provided their input - stay informed of our next steps by subscribing to updates.


About workforce development

Here at OTA, we know that there are significant workforce challenges facing our profession. To better understand the issues, and factors that are contributing to them, we want to connect with OTs far and wide – across all career stages, and in all settings.

We are investing in a Workforce Development Project, which will deliver us a plan that focuses on the ways that we can support OTs on the ground, both now and into the future. In addition to consulting with OTs, we are examining existing workforce data, and completing a thorough literature review, to ensure this plan is grounded in evidence, and reflective of your views.

Project Timeline


Project establishment

To ensure OTA can best support the occupational therapy workforce in this complex environment, we initiated the workforce development project.


Data Analysis and Environmental Scan

In progess - more details to come soon.


OT workforce literature review


Consultation with occupational therapists and key stakeholders

We received 2145 responses to our workforce development survey. We received responses from all jurisdictions with good representation across practice areas, levels of experience, and practice settings.


Workforce plan design and development

More details to come soon.

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