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Boosting the Local Care Workforce website now live

Occupational Therapy Australia has met with a representative from the Boosting the Local Workforce Program a number of times. We have had opportunity to hear about the project aims and also to contribute ideas to the project. The website for the Program has recently been launched. It provides tools and resources to assist providers to transition to and succeed in the NDIS. The BLCW website can be found at here.

One aspect of the program is the Transition Assistance Funding. This funding is available to support providers looking to deliver NDIS services to transition to the NDIS market and grow their business. Under the BLCW Program, eligible service providers are able to apply for Transition Assistance Funding valued at up to $20,000 (excluding GST) to purchase tailored professional services including business advice, to grow their business and workforce capability.

The first round of Transition Assistance Funding is now open. To apply, you need to complete three steps. Applications close 26th April 2019.

Step 1: Check the Funding Guidelines to both check your organisation's eligibility and see the list of priority funding areas for this round. View document here.

Step 2: Complete a free Readiness Assessment to both measure your readiness to transition to the NDIS and also to get your Unique ID required to apply for Transition Assistance Funding. Access the assessment here.

Step 3: Apply through the Community Grants Hub website. Apply here.

All questions on the Transition Assistance Funding need to go through the Community Grants Hub on 1800 020 283 or email support@communitygrants.gov.au.

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