Do You Want to Write for Connections?

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Connections magazine is currently seeking members interested in sharing their learnings, knowledge and experiences. In addition to our regular columns and features, we want Connections to provide a platform for members to tell their occupational therapy story. Perhaps you might share insightful research you collaborated on, a consumer success story or your reflections on your journey as an OT. 

Each edition of the magazine is centred around a common theme. You may have noticed that every article doesn’t always fully align with the given theme, but when they do it helps to connect each separate article in that particular edition. Here is an overview of the themes for the remaining editions for 2019:

October 2019 Edition

  • Submission Deadline: 30 August
  • Theme: Connecting with Ourselves
  • Related concepts to stimulate article ideas:
    • Setting or reflecting on personal/professional goals and aims
    • The importance and value of PD
    • Looking after ourselves/work-life balance

December 2019 Edition

  • Submission Deadline: 25 October
  • Theme: Connecting with The Next Generation
  • Related concepts to stimulate article ideas:
    • Educating current and future OT students
    • Supporting new grads through mentoring/supervision
    • Promoting the future of the profession

If you have a story you’d like to submit, please contact with your idea—we’re happy to help you form and refine the article topic. We’re looking forward to receiving and sharing your stories!


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