Qld Introduces Presumptive Legislation for First Responders Experiencing Ptsd

Queensland parliament have passed new laws that mean first responders experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will no longer have to prove their injury was caused by their work when seeking worker’s compensation.

The new laws took effect for claims lodged on or after 20 May 2021 and will apply to frontline workers and some other employees including:

  • police officers, ambulance officers and paramedics
  • firefighters including volunteers and rural fire brigade
  • State Emergency Service members
  • corrective service officers
  • authorised officers within child safety, youth justice staff members
  • doctors and nurses working in certain areas such as emergency and trauma care and acute care
  • local government and private sector workers performing the same roles, such as paramedics working in the not-for-profit sector or in mines rescue teams
  • departmental employees who are exposed traumatic incidents such as fire communications officers or emergency medical dispatchers.  

For more information on this pathway visit the Qld WorkSafe website here.


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