Seeking Feedback: National 10 Year Primary Health Care Plan

As part of Australia's Long Term National Health Plan, the Department of Health is developing a 10 year Primary Health Care plan. OTA members with an interest in primary care are encouraged to provide us with feedback that will assist OTA to provide government with our practitioners perspectives on what the 10 year plan should look like.

Questions for Practitioners: Reforming the Primary Health Care system

1. What features do you think a 10-year primary care plan should have?
2. What funding is used for your services? E.g. Medicare, Private Health Insurance, DVA. What is the approximate breakdown of those?
3. Have you ever considered any alternatives to fee for service models? What might those look like?
4. How could we support more effective multidisciplinary care? What are the key barriers for you in working with other health and allied health professionals?
5. Do you support increased employment of occupational therapists in general practice?
6. Are there any issues you would be concerned about in a model where GPs employ occupational therapists?
7. How do we increase the effectiveness of interactions between primary and secondary or acute care? What are the key barriers to effective interaction between primary and secondary care?

Please send your feedback to OTA by email to: by COB Tuesday 22 October.

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