Neurodivergent Affirming OT Practice

This Interest Group (IG) is open to all OTA members.

The key aims for this group are to:

  • To educate and provide support around the emerging trends in neurodivergent affirming OT practice through strength based approaches.
  • To encourage and give priority to OT neurodivergent voice. Listening to lived experience from within our profession.
  • To provide a safe place to explore evidence based practice (lived experience, research, OT practice) considering neurodivergent needs and goals.
  • To discuss topics across the lifespan (not just paediatrics)

Current IGs:

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IG members can access meeting resources on the group webpages below

Groups Convenor
Neurodivergent Affirming OT Practice Janine Langley and Micah Perez

Upcoming Meetings:

IG members will be notified of upcoming meetings by email

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