Women's Health

This Interest Group (IG) is open to all OTA members working in or with an interest in women's health.

The women’s health special interest group aims to provide an education and information sharing platform for occupational therapists who are working in, or curious about working in, the area of women’s health and wellbeing. We explore the unique occupational challenges that arise for people who experience menarche, birth, mothering, and menopause; and the ways that occupational therapists can support the adaptations, identity shifts, environmental pressures, illness or injury events and lived experience arising from these transitions or underlying biology. Areas of interest within women’s health include but are not limited to perinatal mental health, adjustment to mothering occupations, pregnancy or infant loss, maternal physical health, pelvic health, lactation support, puberty and menstrual cycle support, women’s cancers, motherhood and disability intersection, and academia (women’s health focus).

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Group Convenor
National Women's Health Janelle Gullan

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