Social Justice Groups

OTA proudly announces three new OTs in Action Social Justice groups.

These action driven social justice groups across three key areas of interest - Climate Change, LGBTQI+ and Cultural Diversity - will advise, recommend and implement action focussed plans.

OTs in Action social justice groups will enable OTA to listen, respond, advocate and take action for the principles of social justice access, equity, rights and participation.

With your voice and passion we can demonstrate the role the Occupational Therapy profession has to empower and enact change. Together with the work being undertaken on our Reflect RAP and our journey to understanding and commitment to sovereign relationship with First Nations peoples, OTA continues to lead the profession and embed cultural and community diversity through recognition, respect and inclusion of all demographics and communities.

To be part of these opportunities, please review the Terms of reference for each group

If you would like to join either of the above groups or for more information, please contact

Come and be part of the change, we want your voice to be heard.

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