CIOTS AMPS Training and Resources ceased from 31 May 2023

OTA have been made aware that the provider of the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS), the Centre for Innovative OT Solutions (CIOTS), will no longer be offering AMPS training or access to the online resources. For those impacted, please carefully read the update from CIOTS below with instructions on how to secure a perpetual license before tomorrow's deadline, Wednesday 31 May 2023

Follow this link to the CIOTS site for more information.

Update from CIOTS

Over the past 3 years, we implemented numerous pivots to keep CIOTS viable through the global pandemic. We are grateful for so many in the global community who provided encouragement and support during that time. Even so, with the global community effort, it continues to be a challenging journey.

We are no longer accepting new registrations for CIOTS assessments courses including AMPS online courses. Current AMPS online participants are required to complete the course by May 31, 2023. AMPS, ESI, and School AMPS manuals are no longer available for order.

However, Powerful Practice will continue to be available for online order while supplies last. This new OTAP update, which is now available, includes a limited perpetual license at no additional cost. No future license renewals will be necessary with this version. Users must agree with the terms of use and download this update by May 31, 2023.

The following steps must be completed no later than May 31, 2023.

Secure your perpetual license

1. Update your OTAP Software. Instructions can be found on the OTAP Tutorial webpage.

2. Log into the CORe website system.

3. Copy and save your license key for future use. Instructions can be found on the OTAP Tutorial webpage.

4. Download and save your course contact hours certificate from your CORe account.

5. Download and save the OTAP software installer file for downloading OTAP in the future if needed. Instructions can be found on the OTAP Tutorial webpage.

Most answers to OTAP support questions may be found on the OTAP Tutorial.

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