Developmental Educators Update

Recently, some states and territories have seen a rise in the profession of developmental educators (DEs), especially in paediatrics and NDIS. This, combined with a lack of clarity regarding the role and scope of developmental educators has caused concern.  

Developmental Educators Australia Inc. (DEAI) released a draft scope of practice last year for consultation. Written feedback was provided along with OTA representatives meeting with DEAI representatives and also attending a focus group.   

The finalised Scope of Practice in Developmental Education document has now been released. We are pleased that DEAI has considered our feedback. Importantly, DEAI are no longer referring to developmental educators as allied health professionals and the DE scope of practice description has been updated. This has lessened the overlap of what is considered core scope of practice of occupational therapists.   

Further, OTA has raised the role and scope of developmental educators with the Commonwealth Chief Allied Health Officer and also Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA). 

OTA continues to take a keen interest in the growth of developmental educators and ways for the professions to work complementary to support best outcomes for consumers.  

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