Hot Topic Wrap Up: The role of non-driver trained OTs

Over 170 OTs gathered on 23 November 2022 for a virtual event which explored the important role of non-driver trained OTs working collaboratively with OT Driver Assessors to achieve best outcomes for clients.

The session covered:

  • Driving as an occupation, why it is important and the role OTs have to play;
  • Driving assessments, goals, education and medical clearance;
  • Role of OT Driver Assessors and the driving assessment process;
  • Role of non-driver trained OTs with vehicle modifications, accessible vehicles, wheelchairs, seating and community mobility; and
  • How to become an OT Driver Assessor.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from occupational therapy leaders in the field:

Haley Scott, a senior occupational therapist and occupational therapy driver assessor who is currently undertaking her PhD at Federation University; and

Michelle Turnbull, convenor of OTA’s ACT/NSW Driving Special Interest Group, member of OTA’s National Driving Taskforce and an occupational therapy driver assessor with over 20 years’ experience.

OTA currently operates Driving Special Interest Groups in WA, NSW/ACT, QLD, SA and VIC. To join an OTA Driving Special Interest Group, head to the Special Interest Groups page

For more information and resources on this area of practice, please view our Practice Support page and resources. 

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