Supporting Peer Connections: Pain Management Special Interest Group July Meeting

The West Australian Pain Management Special Interest Group (SIG) successfully held their first virtual meeting via Zoom last week. Feedback from OTA Members who attended was very positive resulting in a firm commitment to continue with the online format. The moderated chat feature of zoom was highly utilised generating valuable discussion and insights on the application of evidence-based practice.

The July meeting focussed on Trauma, Chronic Pain and the Mind-Body Connection. Professional development was delivered via two presentations from Sasha Wray and Heidi Perera exploring the overlap of trauma, chronic pain and the autonomic nervous system and ways in which a trauma informed approach can be adopted within the inter-disciplinary team. A case study was presented followed by discussion and shared experiences.  

In moving the group fully online, 28 therapists were able to attend. The zoom format allowed for the presentations, discussions and peer connections to be happen across the country. Attending therapists were located in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

OTA and the group were thankful to the convenors and presenters for their time commitment and efforts in such a successful adaptation to a virtual platform, whilst also maintaining their important work in providing a constructive peer support event.

Many of the participants expressed excitement for the next meeting and the option of using zoom breakout rooms to increase peer to peer discussions of case studies. Watch this space!

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