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Capability Frameworks

Occupational Therapy Australia’s capability frameworks propose what best practice looks like in a particular area across the career pathway. Each framework outlines a set of capabilities that occupational therapists may use in their area of practice at the foundational, intermediate or senior practitioner level.


How the capability frameworks can benefit you?

OTA’s capability frameworks are designed to support the development of skills, knowledge and expertise across our profession, guide scope of practice, build the profile of occupational therapists and add weight to advocacy for increased funding and recognition.

OTA’s suite of capability frameworks will grow over time to encompass person-centred care across the lifespan, along with specific areas of practice such as pain management or mental health. OTA is also working to deliver tailored learning opportunities to help clinicians build these capabilities into their practice.

We encourage you to use the frameworks and get in touch with any feedback. The frameworks will be reviewed and updated annually so we value your input.

Now Available

Aged Care Capability Framework

The Capability Framework for Occupational Therapists Working with Older People (Aged Care) proposes a set of capabilities for occupational therapists practising across different aged care settings and support structures.

Paediatric Capability Framework

The Capability Framework for Occupational Therapists Working with Children, Young People and Families (Paediatric) proposes a set of capabilities for occupational therapists working across a range of service settings and career stages.

Mental Health Capability Framework

The Mental Health Capability Framework proposes a set of capabilities that occupational therapists delivering mental health services should seek to achieve at different career stages.



Coming Soon

Pain Management Capability Framework

OTA has commenced development of a capability framework to support occupational therapists working in pain management. An Expert Advisory Group has been appointed and OTA is inviting members to contribute to this important work by completing this survey.

Workshop Dates

We are currently in the process of developing a Pain Management Capability Framework. We are hosting consultations workshops to provide an opportunity for OT’s at all career stages to contribute their ideas to the development of the framework.

The below workshop times are open for registration. Any OT with current or past experience working with clients who experience pain or who is working in the pain management space in another capacity is welcome to participate.


Pain Management Capability Framework Workshop Dates:

  • Monday 22nd July, 12.30pm Vic, NSW, QLD, Tas, ACT // 12.00pm SA, NT // 10.30am WA
  • Wednesday 24th July, 4.00pm Vic, NSW, QLD, Tas, ACT // 3.30pm SA, NT // 2.00pm WA

Expert Advisory Group Members

Pain Capability Framework

  • Nicole Andrews
  • Jenny Strong
  • Katrina Liddiard
  • Bronwyn Thompson
  • Cate Sinclair
  • Sasha Wray
  • Amanda Shields
  • Alison Hartigan
  • Alice Fung
  • Aiona Thomas
  • Jacintha Bell
  • Fiona Thomas

Aged Care Capability Framework

  • Briony Foote
  • Lauren Gee
  • Alex Ho
  • Eloise Hoile
  • Lynette Mackenzie
  • Deidre Morgan
  • Naomi Moylan
  • Karen Shaw
  • Laura Stasinowsky

Paediatric Capability Framework

  • Fiona Beauchamp
  • Anoo Bhopti
  • Helen Bourke-Taylor
  • Frances Dobson
  • Megan Hatfield
  • Olivia Jackson
  • Alison Lane
  • Caroline Mills
  • Susanne Nelson
  • Julia Johnson
  • Sinead Taylor
  • Veronica Zalanyi



What's Next


What’s next?

OTA has identified several possible frameworks for development in the coming 12-18 months.

New frameworks are prioritised based on the reform landscape, the potential for our profession to be leaders in that space, the number of practitioners likely to benefit from the framework, the strategic priorities of OTA and feedback we receive from the profession.



Be Involved


Be Involved

We encourage you to contribute to the development of frameworks in your area of practice. Keep an eye out for invitations to participate in workshops and surveys, or contact us directly to provide input by emailing the Professional Practice and Development Team.

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