OT Week 2020

*Registrations Open: OT Week 2020 Event*

Given the recent onset of droughts, bushfires, and the global pandemic, in 2020 our OT Week theme is: Resilience: Supporting our communities to rebuild, recover, and reengage. This year the event not only shines a spotlight on the value of occupational therapy in our communities, but also serves as a call to arms to support those hardest hit.

In supporting people to participate in activities they find meaningful, occupational therapists are vital in helping our communities through disaster recovery. As disaster survivors reengage in disrupted occupations (such as daily routines, activities and employment), they can better cope with stress and be supported through their recovery.

In 2020 we are hosting an interactive online event on 27 October. The event will feature a selection of thought leaders to discuss and promote resilience in our communities. The panel will be broadcast throughout the day, followed by breakout networking sessions where attendees can connect and discuss the concepts explored amongst each other and with prominent occupational therapists. Register here.

In support of the resilience theme, we have professionally designed a poster which can be downloaded here. We encourage members to display the poster in offices, waiting rooms, classrooms and more to help promote the positive impact of occupational therapy in our communities.

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