Policy and Advocacy Compensation Schemes Update April 2024

OTA has written to the TAC’s new CEO Tracey Slatter, congratulating her on her appointment and requesting an update on the outcome of the TAC’s review into how TAC registers and credentials occupational therapists under the scheme. OTA provided a substantial submission to inform this review, informed by feedback received from 89 OTA members. 

Western Australia Workers Compensation Fees Order Update
OTA are pleased to bring you an important update regarding the Western Australia Workers Compensation Fees Order, which was recently published in the Government Gazette, coming into effect from 1 July 2024. These changes are the result of amendments to regulations and administrative instruments aimed at facilitating the implementation of the new Worker’s Compensation and Injury Management Act 2023.

As an organisation, OTA fought ardently against proposals that would have had significant implications for OTs, particularly concerning the significant reduction of fees for consultations over an hour. The proposal was for the reduction in fees for occupational therapists for consultations above 60 minutes to decrease from a flat rate of $219.25 to a flat rate of $164.50 for consultations over 45 minutes. OTA provided feedback on proposed amendments to the regulations and administrative instruments.

In addition to our submission, we recently wrote to the Hon Simone McGurk MLA Minister for Training and Workforce Development, to express our concern about these proposals. We are delighted to inform you that our efforts in this area were successful. Despite proposals that would have seen a significant reduction in OT fees for longer consultations, the current rate will remain, with no reduction in OT fees for consultations over one hour. 

Unfortunately, two of the proposals opposed by OTA have gone through. A lower travel fee has been implemented, previously OTs could bill $219 per hour, they can now only charge $177.35 per hour. A flat fee of $111 for reports has also been introduced, OTA advocated that OTs be allowed to bill for reports at their standard hourly rate.

Members can access the gazetted fees here.


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