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This year, OT Week ran from 23-29 October with World Occupational Therapy Day held on 27 October 2023.

This OT Week we celebrated the World Federation of Occupational Therapists’ theme: Unity Through Community.

During OT Week, we asked you to #UniteForOT.

As a profession, we are united by community. OTs play a vital and dynamic role in helping people engage with and participate in their community – in whichever way is meaningful to them.

Not only do we work across a broad range of settings, we also help people engage in meaningful occupations.

This year, we want to recognise the OT profession, celebrate the brilliant OTs working today and lift our OT community.

  • OT Week Event: In Conversation with Charles Brice

    On 26 October Erin Garner, General Manager of Occupational Therapy at OTA, spoke with ABC journalist Charles Brice about how OT helped him after he had a life-changing motorbike accident when he was 19.

    Part of Charles' ongoing story is how occupational therapy has had a postive impact on his life. He is now using his lived experience to change the perception of people living with a disability. 

    Having experienced life as a disabled and non-disabled person, Charles brings a unique perspective to the discussion about disability. He is also passionate about educating and creating awareness about disability, in particular spinal cord injuries.

  • OT Week Event: SpOTlight on Georgie Gott

    This OT Week we shone a spOTlight on Georgie Gott, an inspiring occupational therapist whose work is influenced by her experience of living with a disability.

    Georgie’s experience with occupational therapists inspired her to choose a career in OT. After studying occupational therapy in Geelong, she returned to her home state of Tasmania to work as an occupational therapist bringing the unique perspective of living with a disability to her practice.



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