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During OT Week we celebrate occupational therapists and promote the many ways occupational therapy can help people at all stages of life to reach their potential. Each year, OT Week is held to coincide with World Occupational Therapy Day on 27 October and in 2019 OT Week will be held from Monday 21 to Sunday 27 October.

In 2018 OT Week 2018 was held from Sunday 21 October to Saturday 27 October. Thank you to everyone who participated in #OTWeek2018. Read about all the fantastic ways that occupational therapy was celebrated in the OT Week 2018 Wrap Up.

How can occupational therapy help me?

Occupational therapists work with adults of all ages, children and families, who have physical, social or mental health needs. OTs can assist with rehabilitation, pain management, driving assessments, support in schools, home modifications and equipment prescriptions amongst other things. Occupational therapists can work with you to identify interests and goals, manage daily routines at home and in the community, modify daily tasks to make them easier to perform, and recommend activities you can participate in.

Occupational therapists work across a whole range of settings. Some of these include:

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Medical rehabilitation units
  • Your local community health centre
  • Occupational health centres
  • Home care services
  • Retirement homes
  • Psychiatric clinics, hostels and hospitals
  • Vocational rehabilitation clinics
  • Tertiary education centres
  • Independent living centres
  • Private practice
  • Schools, pharmacy and industry

To learn more about how occupational therapy might be able to help you, visit aboutoccupationaltherapy.com.au

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