Response to NDIA story on ABC AM Radio Program 4/5/2023

OTA is fully supportive of a sustainable NDIS and we welcome National Cabinet's commitments to this end.  

OTA has consistently raised concerns about the excessive bureaucratic requirements mandated by the NDIA which take funds away from participants' plans and reduce the time available to support participants to achieve their goals.  

OTA was disappointed to hear Minister Shorten raise concerns about providers ‘padding their bills’ during an interview on today's AM program on ABC radio. The remarks were made in response to comments in this clip from an NDIS participant about their experience with an OT being required to submit an 18-page report to obtain essential equipment. 

While OTA supports cracking down on fraud, we strongly challenge any suggestions that OTs are not working in the best interests of NDIA clients. 

We welcome investment that will lead to improved decision-making processes for participants and the strengthening of NDIA guidelines.  Improvements to minimise the bureaucracy the NDIA has in place that eat into OT’s practice time and waste participants' funding are essential. 

OTA is engaging with the NDIA, and we welcome ongoing support from the Minister for the incredible work OTs do within the NDIA.  

OTA awaits the outcomes of the NDIS Review for further details.

ABC Story

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