WA Divisional Council

Occupational Therapy Australia WA Division represents the interests and provide services to members affiliated with the Division. The Divisional Council represents the membership and provides advice and support to the operations of the division.

2021-2022 WA Division Council Members


  • Felicity Beaulieu

Divisional Councillors

  • Christopher Pearce
  • Sharon Keesing
  • Jane Hopkins
  • Adele Young
  • Claire Goss

Felicity Beaulieu (Chair)

Felicity Beaulieu has worked in health as a clinician, manager and leader for 30 years.  After graduating as an Occupational Therapist from Curtin University and spending the majority of her career in acute care environments in Australia, the UK and Canada, she moved into the aged care arena 11 years ago.   Her focus is building sustainable organisations and improving services available for aged care clients in both community and residential aged care, integrating meaningful ageing into every aspect of service delivery.   

Most recently, as the Chief Operating Officer (Residential) at The Bethanie Group, Felicity has been responsible for navigating the aged care industry changes across a portfolio of 1200 aged care residential places.   Her passion for authentic care and active engagement has seen the nature of what is offered to aged care clients develop to begin to better meet the needs of future generations.   

Felicity also maintains an active role as a mentor to support the development of future leaders, sits on the advisory committees for Edith Cowan University and Curtin University Schools of Occupational Therapy, and represents OT Australia and AHPA in state and national industry forums.   Felicity regularly presents in state and national forums, on topics both clinical and leadership related.

Chris Pearce

Chris is a passionate occupational therapist with a wide range of experience, both in acute hospital and community settings.  Chris has a keen interest in the areas of neurological assessment and rehabilitation, disability services & driver assessment and rehabilitation. Over the past 18 years, Chris has established a successful private practice providing a range of community services for different funding schemes including NDIS & DVA.

Chris currently represents WA on the OT Australia National Driving Taskforce & NDIS National Reference Group, with a long-standing history of representing occupational therapy at a state level. Chris also co-convenes the Driving Interest Group in WA. Chris enjoys having input into a range of policy and environmental factors shaping our profession, and is passionate about unifying the profession in this ever-changing environment.

Chris continues to work as a clinician & maintain current knowledge within his areas of practice through on-going professional development and mentorship, & volunteering time to provide professional development opportunities for Occupational Therapists across Western Australia. Chris also has a passion for and has been involved in research and service development, with experience presenting at many state and national conferences.

Sharon Keesing

Sharon has worked as an occupational therapist for over 30 years in many different care contexts and across a variety of Australian states. She really enjoys working with young people as part of her role at Curtin University as they have a wealth of ideas, that mean no two work days are the same!

Sharon discovered a real passion for research working in the education sector and has developed interests in the occupational therapy role for people with cancer, their carers and OT’s important role with people approaching the end of life. She hopes that her personal values and professional experiences will assist to help work towards the shared goals of the Council, on behalf of its members.

The profession is very well placed to maintain its role as an ‘in demand’ career and has so many attributes that assist individuals and communities to achieve maximum health and well-being.

Sharon believes the profession is at the precipice of so many exciting (and challenging!) changes as a result of technology, health care and social reforms. She holds the view that all occupational therapists have assets to offer their representative organisation, no matter how large or small, that make some contribution to the development of occupational therapy in the coming years.

Jane Hopkins

Jane has worked for the past eight years as an Occupational Therapist across a variety of public health settings in Western Australia.  Jane’s more recent roles have been focused on the strategic implementation of education, programs and policy to better support people with cognitive impairments in the acute hospital environment. Jane also coordinated the project on the Evaluation of the National Framework for Action on Dementia that was completed early 2020. She is now moving into the research space in the area of community-living older people with Mild Cognitive Impairment and the impact of balance and mobility interventions in fall risk reduction and the potential to reduce the progression of cognitive impairment.

Jane is extremely passionate about promoting occupational therapy to the wider population and working towards building a stronger occupational therapy community. She believes that by being involved with the OTA’s divisional council that this will help to ensure that occupational therapists are united across state and national levels.

Adele Young

Adele has worked for over 30 years as an occupational therapist in a variety of health settings in Western Australia, the UK, and the USA.

She has had extensive clinical experience in occupational therapy practice across all age groups and settings, specifically in the area of mental health.  Adele is passionate about the unique contribution that mental health occupational therapy makes through sensory interventions, trauma informed client centred care, and occupational and psychosocial rehabilitation, to assist individuals and communities to achieve maximum health and wellbeing. Her considerable experience covers supervision and management of services and staff, change management process, new program and service development, research, risk management and quality practices.

As an occupational therapy manager Adele promotes and fosters evidence-based practice, research, education, and OTA involvement to profile and promote occupational therapy as an essential service for the future.

Claire Goss

Claire initially completed a bachelor of Medical Science and practiced in the pathology sector for 12 years. She has broad ranging experience in varied environments including hospitals, schools, mine sites and community.  She has experience working with clients across lifespan. Her passion for people and helping them to live their lives to their maximum potential led her to a career change, graduating as an Occupational Therapist in 2015. 

Her Occupational Therapy practice has been centred in paediatrics.  Claire’s practice began within a school setting, and then expanded into private practice within a multidisciplinary clinic where her she is focussed on children experiencing difficulties due to ASD, ADHD, Dysgraphia, motor coordination, sensory processing and dyslexia.   Practicing in two different settings allows Claire to bring two different paediatric perspectives into the council along with her strong background in medical science.  She views herself extremely fortunate to be part of the amazing and rewarding occupational therapy profession.

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